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Master Shao Lei's Biography

Mr. Shao Lei (aka: Danzhen) was born in Dan Dong City of Liao Ning Province in China. He moved to Canada in 2003 and is currently residing in Winnipeg. Mr. Shao is the fifth generation lineage holder of Wu Style Taiji quan, a disciple of the YEN CHENG MEN (founded by the great Grandmaster Wang Peisheng) and the third generation lineage holder of the Shang’s Xingyi quan (a very famous and powerful style of internal martial arts). Mr. Shao was a first-class judge for Chinese Wushu as well as a first-class coach for the State Physical Culture & Sports Commission. Mr.Shao was recognized as the Chinese Wushu sixth duan* (a very high achievement in Wushu status for his age) in China.

Starting at a very tender age, Mr.Shao has mastered Northern Shaolin, Seven Stars Praying Mantis, Baugau Zhang, Xingyi quan, Taiji quan and the various forms of weaponary. He is Master Wang Huipu’s lineage disciple of the Wu Taiji. He studied Shang’s Xingyi quan under Master Su Lizhi as the 3rd generation lineage holder. Later on, he was accepted by the famous Grandmaster Wang Peisheng as disciple of his Yen Cheng Men (school ) learning his complete system of arts. With decades of learning, practicing and teaching martial arts, Mr.Shao has a tremendously vast knowledge and an in-depth practical experience of the ins and outs of Chinese Martial Arts. He is not only highly skilled in his arts but also very knowledgeable in the principles of health maintenance and preservation. He is able to use modern scientific explanations to teach his students what taiji quan is all about with very skillful demonstrations.


With his high level martial ability and deep knowledge, he was very well-known in the Martial Arts field (Wulim) throughout China during the 80’s. He was known as Mr. Wushu Talent as a novice. During that period of time he had entered many provincial and national martial arts competitions and was Taiji Champion of the Liao Ning Province; was named #1 top notch Taiji player amongst all the up and coming Taiji athletes of the province. He was the Grand Taiji champion of the North-west Tri-Provinces Competition, and was ranked number five in the Chinese National Taiji quan Championship in the all-round category. He was thrice admitted into the Chinese National Wushu Academy to be trained by many very high-level famous masters to be a Wushu coach. Later, he participated as a provincial and national Wushu judge in many events, and had coached and trained many up-coming young martial artists. Many of his students and grand-students have received gold and silver medals in national Taiji quan competitions throughout China. Mr. Shao was awarded the honor as the Best Coach of Liao Ning Province.

It is Mr.Shao’s aspiration to popularize and preserve the traditional Chinese Martial Arts culture that he has inherited; he is willing to teach all his arts to all students who are willing to learn and practice, without reserve.

*In an effort to standardize Chinese martial arts, the People’s Republic of China (PRC ) established a national ranking system for masters, called the Duan system. Officially commencing in 1997, there are nine levels of Duan. Currently, only four living masters have been recognized as the highest level, Ninth Duan. The youngest of these 4 is aged 70 (quoting from KUNGFU Qigong magazine Nov/Dec 2002).

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