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The Path of Learning Taijiquan

Beginners Class:Wu style Tai Chi Chuan


Health and Exercise Class:Tai Chi Chuan training and some basic Qigong

Advanced Health and Exercise Class:Advanced Tai Chi Chuan training, theory to longevity and Tai Chi Chuan interpretation

Gungfu Class:Tai Chi Chuan techniques, push hands and Tai Chi Chuan Applications


Intermediate Gungfu Class:In-depth Tai Chi Chuan techniques, learning how to harness the internal strength, push hands training and Tai Chi theories.

Advanced Gungfu Class:Wu style Tai Chi sword, saber, spear, sticking staff, Tai Chi Chuan (fast form), traditional Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. 42-form Tai Chi Chuan and sword, Tai Chi fan, Wudang sword and Push Hands forms.

Note: These above classes are in the process of being constructed. Availability will be based on the enrollment, students’ interests and the skill level achieved. Students might need to complete the Beginners Class before enrolling in some of the classes.

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