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At Shao Lei Tai Chi Wushu, students new to martial arts, or to Tai Chi and Kung Fu in particular, will find instruction geared to their physical condition and ability.  Classes are comprised of people of all ages with interests that vary from health recovery and improvement to application of martial arts skills. 


Master Shao Lei instructs individually with each student's ability and interest guiding the learning process.  This allows students to begin instruction at any time and to progress at their own pace. 

Although instruction is based on the individual, practice in class is done as a group in an atmosphere of friendship, mutual respect,  and encouragement.  Students quickly come to feel a part of the Shao Lei Tai Chi Wushu family.

Variety of Styles

Master Shao continues to develop a variety of programs and classes based on the following:

Wu style – Tai Chi Chuan, sword, sabre, spear, staff, push hands and Qi-gong.

Chen style – Tai Chi Chuan and other Tai Chi Chuan sets and swordplay complied by the Chinese Sports Commission.

Shang style Xing Yi Quan and weaponry

Baugau Zhang (Palm)

Seven Stars Praying Mantis

Shaolin fist, short and long weaponry

Sparring, Chi Na and Self-defense techniques

The availability of classes will depend on the enrolment, students’ interests as well as skill level achieved.

Master Shao is also pleased to devise programs catering to the needs of different organizations, schools and groups.

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