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We are moving to a new location!
Beginning on Monday, November 20, classes will be held at Fort Garry Community Centre - Victoria location 
See the map on CONTACT US page
Master Shao is very happy to be able to welcome new students to his classes.
If you are interested in learning about his classes, Master Shao invites you to visit a class to observe, ask questions, and try some of the movements.

Class times remain the same as they were prior to the pandemic closures.  For days and times please see the Schedules.

As always, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Master Shao's classes by email or phone.  Visit the "CONTACT US" page for information.

Do you want to learn Tai Chi or Kung Fu in Winnipeg?
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Master Shao’s main objective is to promote and popularize traditional Chinese Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Wushu (Kung Fu). Aside from teaching different styles of Tai Chi Chuan forms, Master Shao offers an effective approach to teaching authentic Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, weaponry and Qi-gong in a systematic fashion. In addition, he is also very proficient in teaching a wide variety of Wushu such as Xing Yi Quan, Baugau Zhang and Shaolinquan.


Master Shao is very dedicated to meeting the different needs of his students. On one hand, he strives to provide the best training for his students to practice Wushu; on the other hand, he focuses on helping students to attain good health and longevity.

Master Shao has been teaching Wushu in different locations for more than a decade in Winnipeg. Master Shao has a heart for Martial arts and a passion for Tai Chi Chuan. He continues to develop a variety of programs and classes.

Wu Style Tai Chi

Discover the ancient martial art of Tai Chi in a relaxed and friendly environment under the instruction of Master Shao Lei.

Tai Chi improves strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, while helping to improve heart function and decrease blood pressure.

Consistent practise leads to improvement in breathing and immune system function, increased bone density, as well as improvements in strength and range of motion in joints.

Wu style Tai Chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today's busy lifestyles and improve health.  It is suitable for people of all ages.

Master Shao Lei

Master Shao Lei was born in Liao Ning Province in China.  Before coming to Canada in 2003, he was well known and highly respected as a Tai Chi champion, a first-class judge, and a first-class coach.  He was recognized as the Chinese Wushu sixth duan (a very high achievement for his age) in China.

With decades of learning, practicing and teaching martial arts, Master Shao has a vast knowledge and an in-depth practical experience of Tai Chi Chuan and other Chinese Martial Arts. He is not only highly skilled in his arts but also very knowledgeable in the principles of health maintenance and preservation.

Master Shao's desire is to popularize and preserve the traditional Chinese Martial Arts culture that he has inherited. He is eager to teach his arts to all students who are willing to learn and practice.

Shaolin Wushu (Kung Fu)

Discover this ancient martial art in a relaxed and friendly environment under the instruction of Master Shao Lei. Improve your level of conditioning and flexibility while learning self defense skills.

Shaolin Wushu employs fast and powerful movement. Muscle strength and endurance improves while increasing overall flexibility, coordination, and balance. With continued practise, stamina is developed and cardio vascular fitness is enhanced.

Practising Wushu develops concentration and the ability to be alert while remaining calm.  Self-confidence is enhanced in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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